Wood Vs MDF Bathroom Vanities


If you’re in the DMV and looking to remodel your bathroom, Stone Style Design is a direct importer of bathroom vanities straight from our factory to the end consumer! Outside of our own models, we’ve also teamed up with some local suppliers of bathroom vanities to expand our selection to provide our clients with the best pricing and availability in the Northern Virginia Bathroom Vanity Market.


What is MDF?


MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. It is a high quality composite material. Many consumers confuse MDF for lower quality particle board which are most often found in big box stores. MDF is put together from recycled wood fibers and resin then they are machine dried and pressed. MDF has improved drastically over the years with improved machinery and finishing.


How does MDF withstand moisture and heat in bathroom vs solid wood?

Most consumers won’t believe the it, however MDF can withstand moisture better than solid wood. Solid wood vanities require more care and treat compared to MDF since it’s a natural product. Same can be said for man made quartz vs marble or hardwood flooring and vinyl. Solid wood bathroom vanities can warp over time if not treated for carefully.


Cost and Design

Since it’s man made product, it can be formed in larger blocks allowing you to create large one pc bathroom vanities. If you’re in a budget, buying a MDF bathroom vanity can benefit as they tend to cost less than solid wood bathroom vanities. There are also far more options in the market nowadays when it comes to MDF vanities.


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