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Stone Style Design is a leading provider and fabricators of finest Marble and Granite custom countertops in Fairfax, including Quartz, Onyx, Tile, Slate, Travertine, Flagstone, Limestone, etc. As an industry leader, located in Fairfax, Stone Style Design offers a vast variety of quality products that fit the class and taste of your Fairfax residence seamlessly. We meet the complex needs of all homeowners across Northern Virginia with custom and edgy design elements for kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, and other areas as per your specifications.

Why Granite? 

Granite has always been the premium choice for kitchen countertops across American households. Being durable and non-porous, Granite can easily meet the most intriguing demands of all kinds of environments, even the challenging ones of an average kitchen. Granite is known to make the best countertop choice because of its beauty, elegance, the grace it puts to an average kitchen and its longstanding ability to sustain all kinds of damages that comes out of cutting your food items directly on the countertop, placing hot cookware, or spilling of food or liquid all over. With Granite, you can never go wrong.

Why Marble? 

Homeowners choose marble in order to craft the most elegant kitchens and bathrooms. Marble has always been a popular choice, a rather classy and durable choice that can turn any kitchen or bathroom into a beautiful and luxurious place in your home. Marble is much softer and much more porous in comparison to Granite and is more susceptible to wear and tear and acid-etching, which is why it is not really suitable for kitchens, but added to Marble a coating of CLEARSTONE, the age-old notion of not using marble for your kitchen has changed. Even the most delicate stones can be saved from long-pertaining damages that your daily routine poses.

We offer nothing but the best! 

At Stone Style Design, we take pride in our work and the effort we put in to get all the details right in the very first attempt. Our focus is what sets us apart from all our competitors. We believe that every single project that comes our way is unique in its own way and which is why we ensure we pay attention to all the minute details to ensure the job is always well done! Our highly skilled, attentive  team of professionals always manage to bring together something great.

Affordable solutions 

Our Fairfax Marble and Granite solutions are cost-effective and pretty affordable. As a leading bathroom and kitchen fabrication solutions provider, we keep adding new items to our collection to maintain our perpetual freshness to serve you with stellar choices every single day! Cutting-edge quality and craftsmanship is our definition.

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