Otto Home Goods has a foundation story, which draws 5 different lives together. The real history behind the foundation story is that 3 of these 5 lives had the same start; 3 that grew up in the same city, graduated from the same school and department (Blacksea Technical University, Civil Engineering). They later drifted apart and scattered around the world, but continued their friendship as it was in day one.

In their professional lives, Tulug Ziya Akkas worked in Moscow, Tohan Hazinedar in New York and M. Can Semiz in Africa and Middle East. 20 years after graduation, they came together in the USA and decided to work together. They later added Ersin Aycibin, who traded construction products and owned a furniture factory in Canakkale, and Frank Hanikeh, who worked as a tradesman in the USA for a long time to the team.

They brought their experiences and accumulation from 4 different continents of the world together into this concept project. While doing so, they created Otto Home Goods brand by following current trends and collectively sharing their experiences about necessity, product range, design, etc. in construction products and bathroom cabinets.

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